Your Opinion on Learning Hindi

While going through the posts on a Facebook pages about Hindi learning, I tracked down that issues troubles described by individuals are very assorted from excellent to unusual in nature and extension and straight-jacketing them into gatherings/classes ruins the magnificence of this variety. Yet, for clear agreement, I have consolidated the remarks and afterward assembled sperm meaning in hindi them into three sorts – demands made, issues confronted, and individual or passionate reasons.

1. Demand for Help – cases fluctuate from looking for help to requesting do-it-for-me.

Is there any individual who could make an interpretation of my name into Hindi letters?

I really want some assistance assuming it’s conceivable . I would have gotten a kick out of the chance to know whether “prem sé” signifies “by affection” in
English and “standard love ” in French.

I’m attempting to accurately track down the Hindi interpretation for ‘pardoning’ . Would anyone be able to help?

I’m a novice Hindi understudy. I really want to track down a mix-up in each sentence These are the sentences:……………(omitted here)

I want assistance for my test this week.

Could you tell me is there any Hindi-English and English Hindi Online Text Translator?Or perhaps you have a program which can achieve this errand.