Ultimate Mats Floor Mats With Logo

Ultimate mats floor mats with logos provide a great way to promote your business at the front entrance. They’re also commonly used inside commercial spaces like reception areas, lobbies, and elevators.

These heavy-duty logo mats feature a waffle surface design that effectively scrapes shoes clean and delivers a sharp image. A 100% commercial-grade Nitrile rubber backing provides advanced slip resistance and moisture control.

Waterhog Logo Mats

Waterhog Logo Mats are one of the most popular custom floor mats available. They are ideal for promoting brands and creating a more professional look for your establishment.

They are also great for promoting promotions and advertising. This is because they allow businesses to print promotional information on them, which allows consumers to know when there are special discounts or other types of deals.

These mats are also designed to reduce the likelihood of slipping and falling. This helps to prevent accidents that could happen in the workplace.

This is why hotels, schools, and other commercial facilities use them. They can be placed at the entrances of these places to make them more attractive and welcoming for visitors.

The custom Waterhog floor mats are available in various designs and sizes. These are made from rigid thermoplastic polymers, which help them to withstand heavy foot traffic.

They also have a rubber backing that keeps them in place and enhances their functionality. The material is also highly durable, meaning it can last long.

Another benefit of these mats is that they are traction-based, which makes them easier to walk on and reduces the risk of slipping or falling. These mats are also ADA Compliant, meaning people with disabilities can use them.

These mats are also great for displaying safety messages. They can be customized to show things like washing your hands frequently, wearing a face mask, and other preventive guidelines. This is especially useful when you have many customers coming into your establishment.

Berber Supreme Logo Mats

Berber Supreme Logo Mats are heavy-duty, long-lasting floor mat that displays your logo in a precise inlay process. These mats are ideal for medium to high-traffic applications.

These floor mats are made of polypropylene and come in various colors. They are great for outdoor use because they are UV resistant and will not fade.

The needle-punched surface absorbs water and moisture closely within the mat’s surface, ensuring that floors are dry. These mats are ideal for lobbies and hallways because they are easy to clean with a vacuum or steam.

They are also available with a snag-resistant beveled vinyl border to prevent falls. They are also backed with commercial-grade rubber to withstand constant use.

This mat is an excellent choice for commercial areas with heavy traffic. It is also ideal for lobbies and entryways because it is durable, comfortable, and stylish.

Custom logos can be inserted into the surface of these mats with the help of a graphic artist. These logos are cut and inlaid into the mat with razor-sharp detail.

These logo floor mats are designed for moderate to heavy traffic applications and can be customized in any size up to 13′ 4″ wide. They also feature ExactLock(r) inlay technology and a water dam border to keep moisture within the mat.

These logo mats are excellent for promoting your company and reinforcing brand loyalty. They are also a great choice for commercial offices with carpeted floors. They are also excellent for high-end guest rooms and suites because they offer luxurious comfort underfoot. They are also a good choice for residential homes because they are durable, beautiful, and offer superior support for home carpets.

Flocked Carpet Logos

Flocked Carpet Logos are floor mats with a unique flocking process to showcase a bold, straightforward logo design. These mats are available in various sizes and can be used in indoor and outdoor applications.

These mats are made from a high-quality 3/8″ cut pile carpet with heavy-duty vinyl backing. This combination of materials makes them an excellent choice for light traffic areas and long-term promotional uses.

They are also stain-, soil- and mildew-resistant. They are easy to clean and are ideal for a wide range of applications.

This type of mat is also available in various colors and can be printed with a single, two-color logo design or a multi-color design. PMS color matching is available with all mat products.

This is an excellent option for those who want their logos printed with intricate detail on the mat’s surface. The nylon flock is permanently embedded into the mat’s surface, creating strong visual effects with a slightly raised imprint.

Chesapeake Turf Logos

Regarding keeping your Chesapeake Bay area property looking great, only a little beats artificial turf. The green stuff can withstand a wide range of weather conditions and remain vibrant all year round. It’s also an environmentally friendly alternative to natural grass, saving you money in the long run on your water bill.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, it’s also a bright idea for businesses and homeowners to take advantage of the latest technology to create and maintain a more functional outdoor space. This is especially true in urban areas where large, heavy traffic areas are often hard to come by.

Ultimate Mats has created unique flooring solutions for commercial and residential properties throughout the Chesapeake Bay area since 1979. They offer a full range of floor mats with logos for any application or budget. The company’s top-of-the-line logo mats are designed to last a lifetime and feature a patented rubber construction, making it a no-brainer to remove and replace. Other features include:

  • Non-skid traction.
  • A textured surface that drains quickly and easily.
  • A comfortable 5/8′′ or 7/8′′ thick closed-cell cushion backing to reduce fatigue and provide superior comfort.

Anti-Fatigue Logo Mats

Placing your logo on an anti-fatigue mat is a great way to promote your brand or product. These mats offer relief to the feet and back while displaying graphics, branding, or safety messages and are easy to clean.

These mats are a must-have for any office or restaurant where employees stand for long periods. They not only provide a comfortable workspace for workers, but they also make the area look more attractive to customers.

They come in several sizes and are available in various colors to coordinate your decor. However, they are thicker and more cushiony than some other options.

Choosing the right anti-fatigue mat is essential to reduce aches and fatigue, prevent workplace slips and falls, and increase team productivity and morale. Luckily, there are many options to choose from that will help you achieve all of these goals.

Foam-based anti-fatigue mats are best suited to light-duty uses, but vinyl or rubber-topped versions can be more durable and resistant to water, oils, and chemicals. They also resist stains and are easy to clean.

If you work in an industrial environment with liquids and heavy machinery, rubber-based anti-fatigue mats are the best option. They don’t feel as comfortable as foam-based mats, but they are more durable and can withstand the wear and tear of heavy-duty applications.

In addition, most anti-fatigue mats feature a ribbed surface that prevents users from slipping and falling, helping to reduce accidents and injuries. This can also help to reduce the likelihood of employee absences, which can be a costly issue for businesses.