The Story Behind the Go-Go Song

Part of the tale takes place in a stay song club. The singer is going to his showcase to sing together with his band and play at a Latino nightclub somewhere but area isn’t always defined to the target market (yet we have to have a few Latino feel). We need to present the influence of proximity to the general public. This photo represents towns so it does convey the message.

The subsequent set of photographs function the singer, the crowd and his band in the club. There are dancers and different hip humans inside the room. Those dancers could be coming from anywhere within the international so we need one-of-a-kind ethnicity (African American, Asian, White and European). The video is shot with dynamism and sensuality so the need of handsome people (actors/actresses) and lady/male dancers is obligatory specially whilst the salsa element starts offevolved inside the track. Image has coloration reduction. It gives a experience of fact in this video clip rich in lights nuances and Latino atmosphere.

In the club on the forefront there is the band with drums 강남풀싸롱, percussion, guitars, bass and brass segment. The dancers are at the dance floor some maybe one or two on stage. There is a complete crowd maybe at band level or musicians are on an accelerated stage. When the salsa rhythm starts, severa couples dance together with sensuality a bit just like the dirty dancing in Havana movie. The singer may be a part of the crowd sooner or later. The party need to look passionate, sensual and fun.

The important motion takes vicinity in a membership however the converting towns are interesting (LA, NYC, Paris, and Barcelona). The singer, the main person is likewise taking walks round the sector in main towns at night singing the verse at the same time as taking walks on the streets. He will put on the equal garments giving a timeless sense, consisting of all of this motion happened tonight. Clothes are a hat, jacket, maybe a headband jeans and boots. While on the streets he will sing the traces. If capturing in special towns is not possible we might become the usage of one vicinity most effective, in an effort to subsequently eliminate the eccentricity in the video and its hobby. We want to generate the concept that it could take place round the corner from the avenues in Paris to Time Square in New York or from Hollywood Boulevard in LA to The Old Town Square in Barcelona.

The proper nuances such as shade discount and place are key in this tale. They supply a hip appearance to the fast scenes and merge properly with night time shots. We additionally need to avoid being too impartial in colorings. Video ought to now not appear like every other selfmade video. It is not. The image ought to be first-class to look at and catchy (avoid grainy pics). Therefore we ought to watch for lighting and photograph settings.

At the end we want the crowd to sing the English Chorus. So we have to educate the group to sing the traces as a crowd or find a way to record voices making a song the ones traces in English. Either we use the sound from the room or we file voices in some other studio.

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