Money lending firms in Singapore

A moneylender makes high-interest small loans. The lender is more likely to default than a bank, hence interest rates are higher. Money lenders help people who need cash but have no bank account, have bad credit, or can’t borrow from friends or relatives.

Wedding loans can help with fees and preparation. New homes need a mortgage. Many think the loan is hard to return, however that’s not true. Find a low-rate loan with flexible payment options and few limits. Below are licensed Toa Payoh money lenders who can help you financially:-

1.    SKM Credit PTE Ltd.:-

At power credit, they know the economy affects everyone. They offer loans to people, businesses, and foreigners. Our group’s Power credit is a top certified money lender in Singapore. Our company has grown steadily to offer flexible credit products. Our economists can create special financing options for you.


If you need rapid, reliable emergency financing visit power credit. They were very good at money lending in toa Payoh central. Through R&D, they’ve developed market-ready finance loans. We promise that our methods comply with the moneylender’s act and rules, and their organization is continually looking for originality to meet consumer needs. Power credit offers personal, wedding, business, and monetary loans.

2.    Singapore’s Goldstar Credit

Goldstar Credit Pte Ltd is a moneylender that helps Singaporeans through tough financial times. Their financial solutions include personal and commercial loans. Best of all, they don’t require a guarantor or collateral. Renovation and wedding loans are also available.

Goldstar Credit Pte Ltd is a genuine Singapore-registered moneylender. This Toa Payoh moneylender has straightforward costs, high approval rates, and same-day processing. If exceptional service is important to you in a money lending company, you can expect a smooth borrowing experience here.

3.    Singapore’s Avis Credit

Avis Credit Pte Ltd offers short- and long-term loans at low rates. Avis Credit Pte Ltd understands that each client’s financial status and worries are unique, thus they offer lending choices to aid them with cash flow issues. Each loan officer is skilled and well-trained to serve you. They’ll assist you to find a personal or commercial loan.


Avis Credit Pte Ltd is open on Sundays to accommodate your busy schedule. You’ll get a loan if you meet their conditions and offer accurate information. Avis Credit Pte Ltd will listen to your financial woes and offer a solution.


A money lender gives out small loans with high-interest rates. It can be smart to borrow money if you use it wisely and pay it back on time. Singaporeans can get help from some licensed money lenders in Toa Payoh when they are having trouble making ends meet. Mostly they went power credit for the money lending help because they can offer many facilities as mentioned above.  Avis Credit Pte Ltd has low rates for both short-term and long-term loans. Out of 158 legal money lenders, MinLaw chose them to test different ways to run a business. Lending Bee can help you find a loan that fits your neds.