How Much Time Do Online Games Take Up?

Online gaming is becoming increasingly popular. It consumes large amounts of data, but the amount of data used varies. Netflix SD is about 1GB per hour, while playing online games takes up three to four times as much data. It is important to know how much data your online games use before playing them.

Other services

Depending on the game you play, online games can consume a lot of data. Some games use up to 100MB per hour, while others require a lot less. On average, online games use around 40MB to 150MB per hour. In comparison, a popular video streaming service like Netflix uses between 3GB and 4GB per hour.

Professional gamers

A Limelight Networks study shows that aspiring professional gamers spend the most time playing online video games, spending over twenty hours per week. This is a vast difference from the average gamer who plays for a couple of hours a week or less. In contrast idn poker, the average time spent playing online video games has increased by 19.3% in the past year.

Casual single-player games

Casual games are web-based and can be played on personal computers or mobile devices. They are designed for a broad, mass market audience and have simple controls. The time investment required to complete a game is generally not more than an hour or two.