High Security Lock Systems

The lock and its functions are not limited to the vehicle or home. A forgotten topic worth writing about is the security locks and devices in high demand for large commercial and industrial buildings. Many business owners have had to contend with duplicate keys. Therefore, it is important that these keys are kept safe. The technology behind high-security lock system expansion, growth, and technological advancement is to help in controlling duplicate keys.

Lock security is only as good as the key control. It is possible to stop the possibility of duplicate keys at different locations by using patented key blanks that can only be distributed through the lock manufacturer cabinet lock manufacturers.

The utility patent is another important aspect of high-security locks. It prevents others from making similar products for up 20 years. Higher levels of security can be achieved by being aware of the utility patent’s expiration date and knowing the details.

A variety of high-security locks are available from several manufacturers. These security levels are important as they will help you choose the right security lock system for you. Your locksmith can assist you in determining this.

To ensure that the locks you consider for your business are high-quality, look out for the UL listing. This symbol will appear on the cylinder’s face or on the packaging. It is an independent product testing organization called Underwriters Laboratories Inc. to show that the lock or cylinder is suitable for this purpose.

A trial model must be passed rigorous performance tests, and the product must adhere to strict construction guidelines in order to qualify for UL listing. Among the requirements is that the product have at least 1 000 key changes. The device must be made of bronze, brass or stainless steel, or another material that is resistant to corrosion and can withstand UL’s salt spray corrosion tests. During the attack test, which uses hammers, screwdrivers and pliers, jaw grip wrenches and saws, jaw-gripping toolses, jaw-gripping wrenches and pick and key impressioning tool, and puller mechanisms, locks cannot be damaged or opened. The unit must operate at a maximum of fifty cycles per hour and must function as intended for ten thousand cycles.

A reliable and high-security locking system is an important part of any high security product list. This requires skilled locksmith tradesmen who can understand, install, service and repair these systems to meet your business’s needs.